Learn more about the Blackpool FC Academy 

The academy at Blackpool FC looks to recruit the best talent from around the country and develop them within our environment with the aim to produce football players for the first team. As part of a young players journey when joining the academy they will be gain valuable life skills including discipline, professionalism, time keeping, fitness and health and a strong work ethic. There are a number of departments within the academy to support the holistic development of the players ranging from coaching, Sports Science, Medical, Education, Welfare, Performance analysis and safeguarding.


As of 2021 there are 140+ players in the academy ranging from 6 years old to 21 each training and playing on a regular basis and progressing through the age groups. The academy currently employs 12 full time staff and around 20 part time staff plus a large number of volunteers. The academy is currently based between Myerscough college and Stanley Park and operates at Category 3 level although the club have made it clear that the progression to Category 2 status is at the centre of the strategy to improve the productivity of young players coming through to the first team.


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