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Angel's Diary: Day Three

25 June 2013

More Tales From Portugal

In the third installment of his Portuguese diary, Angel Martinez gives his views on Pilates and tells us about some late night visitors to his bedroom... 

I didn't get to see the tennis match with Rafa Nadal yesterday because we were training but it was a big shock. He was out of tennis a long time with an injury but he came back this year and won seven of nine championships. It was a surprise for me that he didn't win, I didn't know the other lad. I have friends that bet some money on Rafa Nadal to win the tournament. 

Yesterday we were in the swimming pool and the funny one was Banvo. He swims really bad and looks like a dog trying to swim in the water. It was really, really funny to see big Banvo like this. 

Last night I couldn't sleep because when I switched off the light in bed I could hear mosquitoes flying around my head like helicopters. I had to get rid of them with the cushion. I like animals and things but I don't like the mosquitoes and I had to hit four of them. When I came back to my room I could hear another one so I hit number five. I was looking for the last one for maybe 15 minutes. I must say sorry to the Greenpeace people but I had to sleep. 

Today we did some Pilates and a little bit of Yoga and it was a different routine from training. I thought that Pilates was an exercise for the ladies, there were some very, very hard moments. It was the hardest work today because some of the movements are very difficult to do. It was good that it finished the day. 

The breathing and movement is good for making you stronger and helping you recover, but I still prefer to play with the football. 


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