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On The Spot: Steven Davies

19 May 2014

Getting To Know Pool's Striker

Name: Steven Davies
Date of Birth: 29 December 1987
Birthplace: Liverpool
Position: Striker
Squad Number: 9

If you could participate in any other sport at top level, what would it be?
My main interest is horse racing, so it would be that. But I’m miles too big for that, they’re usually tiny.

What is your karaoke song of choice?
Every time a new players signed at Bristol City they had to sing. I got Staying Alive and had to sing it for everyone, just for a bit of a joke.

What film would you have loved to have starred in, and why?
My favourite film as a kid was Cool Runnings. I’m not the right sort of lad for it, but I’d have some part in that.

If you owned a racehourse, what would you call it?
My little boy is called Arthur and my girl is called Gracie, so it’d be a combination of their names.

What stadium would you like to play at that you haven’t yet?
Barcelona’s. The history of the team, its culture and stadium, I’d choose there.

What boots did you wear this season?
Adidas Nitrocharges

What is your favourite pre-match meal?
Nutella and a bit of toast. I make sure I’m really hydrated too. 

Do you have any pre-match superstitions that you are willing to share?
I don’t have any, I always think you’re giving yourself an excuse if you play badly.

Who is your best friend in football?
Frank Fielding – I was with him at Derby for four years.

What was the first football kit you owned and what name did you have on the back?
It was a Liverpool kit with Robbie Fowler on the back I think.

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