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The Lowdown: Andrea Orlandi

18 November 2014

Midfielder Answers Quick-Fire Questions

Andrea Orlandi reveals more about his career and life in the Blackpool FC lowdown.

Who was your sporting hero growing up?

Francesco Totti. I always followed him and he was my hero growing up. He’s still playing now. 

What is your career highlight so far?

Promotion to the Premier League with Swansea and my debut for Barcelona in La Liga.

And the worst moment...

The injuries I’ve had at some key moments in my career that didn’t really help me to progress forward. But I’m always positive so I’ve never felt too low in my career.

What was your first junior football club called?

My first junior club was a football school in Barcelona and then I signed for Espanyol. 

If you could change one rule in football what would it be?

I would allow replays for the referee to look at goals, penalties and key moments that could change the game and result.

Who is the best player in your position in the world currently?

That’s a difficult question. I would say Andres Iniesta from Barcelona because he has been playing fantastically for a lot of seasons and still does.

What is the one programme on TV you can’t miss?

I don’t have too much time to watch TV so it would be Disney with my daughters.

If you could have dinner with three famous people, dead or alive, who would you invite?

I’d have Denzel Washington because he’s my favourite actor and a great person, Barack Obama because he’s very influential in the world and I would like to know some inside bits of being American President, and Francesco Totti.

What is your trademark dish in the kitchen?

I’m really good at cooking all kinds of pasta because my mum taught me. Prawn and Courgette risotto is my speciality.

In a film of your life who would play you?

Matt Damon probably.

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