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Fans' Progress Group Provide Statement

7 August 2015

First Agenda Drafted

On Tuesday evening the newly named Fans’ Progress Group met for the first time ahead of the 2015/16 season and would like to provide the following message to the Blackpool FC fan base. 

After a positive first gathering this week we’d like to touch base with the supporters prior to our first meeting with club officials in the coming weeks.  

As a group our aim is to move forward to improve the current relationship between the club and its supporters. We will do this by asking pertinent questions on the future of Blackpool FC including, but not exhausting, topics on the current agenda. We plan to try and improve fan involvement and understanding regarding both on and off field issues which may affect us all.

We are a group of 12 die-hard Blackpool supporters, who are hurting as much as anyone after relegation and the situation the club finds itself in, but we are keen to do anything possible to improve that. This is an independent group, we shall not be influenced by Blackpool FC or any supporter groups, but acknowledge the support of the players on the pitch is paramount. 

We have acknowledged that the ‘Parliament’ part of our name may have been inaccurate and have therefore decided to change our name to the more positive Fans’ Progress Group.

Vicky Sinclair has been elected as our Chair, while Iain Tarpey will take up the role of Vice-Chair. The other supporters involved are Nick Bell, Terry Greenhow, Rachel Haines, Ron Matthews, Alban O’Brien, Ian Sherlock, Clayton Short, Peter Wadeson, Dereck Waters and Dave White.  

In the future, we as the Fans’ Progress Group can be contacted via our new email: All emails will be read and discussed, and we will add recurring themes and topics to the agenda for our next meeting. 

Finally, we have listed below the agenda for our first meeting with club officials. Our upcoming first meeting with club officials will include the following topics: 

- How can we improve the relationship between the club and the supporters?
- How can we improve fan involvement at the football club?
- How can we develop the fan base further, especially in regards to youngsters?

Improve PR
- How the club can promote itself within the local area, ie posters, billboards etc?
- Look at improving the relationship between the football club, local media and the community. 
- Look at the relationship between supporters, past, present and the future. 

Training Ground
- Discuss the suitability of the training ground and get an update on current maintenance work.

Bloomfield Road
- Discuss ground maintenance, the pitch and other relevant topics. 
- How the experience of coming to Bloomfield Road can be improved for disabled supporters.

Youth Development & Retention
- Discuss the development of players within the club’s youth system, but also how to retain the best of them.

Long-Term Plans For The Club
- Discuss the financial structure of the football club.
- Current investment – where are we going?
- Discuss the long-term plans and ambitions for the club.

Fans’ Progress Group

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