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My Career At Blackpool: Mickey Walsh

3 February 2015

Striker Looks Back On Time In Tangerine

In 1973, Mickey Walsh started his professional career with Blackpool and went on to make 194 appearances in five years for the club. Here he reflects on his time in tangerine.

What can you remember about your debut?

My first game was away at Fulham and I think we drew 0-0, I remember we stayed in London because we played on the Saturday then we had Leyton Orient on the Wednesday. Our goalkeeper George Wood was outstanding because we got battered quite a bit that game. I remember one incident when I had an opportunity and in those days there was no camera and reputations stood for quite a lot and Alan Mullery chopped me down, but the referee waved play on and that was the only real chance I had.

What would you say your favourite goal for the club was?

Obviously there was quite a lot but one stands out and that was my goal of the season from 1975. That’s the one that everyone remembers me for. They still show it on the TV now and again and it has now been 40 years.

If you could re-live one game from your career in tangerine, which one would you choose?

Probably the same game I scored my favourite goal in, when we played against Sunderland and we won 3-2. We were 2-0 up then they brought it back to 2-2 and my famous goal clinched it for us to win 3-2. That comes up very close with another game where George Best and Bobby Moore came to Bloomfield Road with Fulham and we won 3-2 and I scored a headed goal.

In terms of dressing room banter, what was the best prank you witnessed?

That’s an easy one, John Burridge was always up to no good and was a bit of a nutcase. Not one specific prank springs to mind but John was a prankster and he was great fun with a good sense of humour.

On reflection, what achievement are you most proud of?

I forget what season it was but we missed out on promotion by goal difference and that’s the highest we finished in what is known today as The Championship. Nowadays we would have gone up automatically, but we didn’t and we narrowly missed out on promotion.


Best player you played with…

Alan Suddick was the best and most skilful player I played with at Blackpool. He passed away a few years ago which was a tragedy because he was only 64.

Worst trainer…

I wasn’t the best to be honest, I’m going to have to say me. I was alright when it came to training when it involved the ball and shooting. The running on the beach and the laps of Stanley Park were difficult for all of us, but I was certainly one of the worst.         

Unsung hero…

Alan Ainscow, he was a real key player. He was a top class player in my opinion and wherever he went he played very, very well. I think he was underrated, very much so.

The Joker…

Steve Harrison was very funny, his dad was a comedian and you could tell.

Who did you see as most likely to become a manager in future?

I always thought Keith Dyson would have gone into management but he never did. He was an intelligent guy and I thought he would have made a good coach or manager. Paul Hart went on to be a successful manager and was also one of the players that always looked like he could cut it as a manager.

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