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McDonald: Work Starts Now

3 June 2015

Manager Prioritises Player Recruitment

New Blackpool manager Neil McDonald has immediately set his sights on player recruitment as he looks to make an impression at Bloomfield Road. 

The former West Ham assistant boss is determined to put his own stamp on the club and start a new dawn following the disappointment of relegation last season.

The 49-year-old has already lined up a number of players to join, while holding discussions with others about signing up for a 'new adventure'.

"I've already spoken to a few players to see whether they fancy coming and joining me in this new adventure, and it is a new adventure," he said. "We've got the history of the football club but we've got to try and make a history ourselves.

"Over the next coming months we'll try and recruit as many players as we possibly can in the right positions, to try to create the dynamic to win some games and then push on as much as we can towards the top of the table."

Fully recognising the task ahead, McDonald draws on his experience from troubled times at West Ham when planning for his Blackpool blueprint.  

"At West Ham we managed to change the whole ethos of the football club and change the whole mindset, and that takes time," he revealed. "Recruiting good players to try and win you games is the biggest thing that we have to do. If we can do that, it gives us a chance."

The first bit of news alongside the McDonald's appointment yesterday was the promotion of Richie Kyle to first-team coach, a move which was fully endorsed by the manager.

"He's going to move up from the youth and he's going to help me out, which is a great help. He knows the club inside out, he knows all the young players coming through and he's a very good coach. I've done my little bit of background on him and I'm happy that he wants to work with me," he added.

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