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10 Questions: Eddie Nolan

6 April 2017

Defender Answers The Questions

The versatile Eddie Nolan, who has played across the back four this season, sits down to tackle our 10 questions. 

Eddie, you’re given the microphone in front of your team mates, what song do you sing?

I sang Enrique Iglesias ‘Hero’ when we were up in Scotland for pre-season. It’s a great song and I have a great voice (I don’t really). 

You have five pounds left to spend, what do you buy? 

A bottle of orange Lucozade and the rest would go on Mini Eggs.  

What did you go as to your last fancy dress party?

Buzz Lightyear for Halloween.  

Who do you room with on away games and what are they like for company?

I room with Cully (Mark Cullen). What happens in the room stays in the room.   

What is the most used app on your mobile phone? 

Whatsapp, I’m always on it talking to Cully. 

Not including the current squad, who is the best player who’ve played with?

Damien Duff for Ireland. I could also say Robbie Keane, if you want?  

What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on and why?

Honeymoon with my missus to the Maldives. 

If you had one super power, what would it be and why?

I’d fly so I can get around quicker. I could fly Cully on my back. 

Who is your best friend in football? 

Mark Cullen is my bestest friend in the whole, wide world.  

What was your first football kit and whose name did you put on the back?

I’m an Everton fan. The first Everton kit I had with a name on the back was a Wayne Rooney one. 

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