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8 March 2017

Blackpool Football Club has today, following a board meeting, suspended Director Valeri Belokon and removed him from any associated duties with immediate effect. 

The club, in receipt of a judgment from the Paris Court of Appeal of the French Republic, dated 21 February 2017, provided many opportunities for Kaspars Varpins, Mr Belokon’s representative at board level, to explain the judgement at today’s board meeting, however Mr Varpins refused to comment or give any explanation whatsoever for the judgement, leading to legal advice being sought and this course of action being taken. 

The Paris Court judgment stated:-

“Whereas, however, it is clear from the “report on the inspection of the practices of SPAF Manas Bank regarding the hire of strong boxes” produced on 2 June 2011 by the bank’s conservator, that Mrs Pak in fact held seven strong boxes, four of which contained foreign currency in cash: USD 1,350,000, USD 1,419,800, USD 1,619,000 and USD 1,959,900, and the fifth one, the official stamps of several commercial companies, one of them registered in the British Virgin Islands, and the stamps of eight regional tax inspection departments (Pervomaykyi District, Octjabrskyi District, Sverdlovskyi District, etc.) (RK item, no. 31)”

The judgment went on to state-

“Whereas, however, the following information contained in the second ESC report is not disputed (document B, no. 68): that in two years and eight months, the total value of Manas Bank’s transactions came to USD 5.2 billion, that is to say a little more than the total annual gross domestic product of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2008, and that of the total value of the transactions, 80%, in other words, USD 4.2 billion, involved non-resident companies (report, p. 7); that that information is confirmed by a report produced on 10 August 2016 by the Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic for Bank Reorganisation and Debt Restructuring (DEBRA), a public institution carrying out the functions of the judicial administration of bankrupt banks (RK item, no. 64, not disputed by Mr BELOKON) which points out that the overall figure for credit movements in all the customer accounts of CJSC Manas Bank between 1 January 2008 and 7 April 2010 came to USD 5,923,825,731 (at the average rate in force on the calculation date), consisting of 561,997,922 som (Kyrgyz currency), USD 2,896,574,489, 1,786,110,525 euros and the rest in other currencies.”

The Paris judgment added:-

“Whereas it is clear from the foregoing that there are serious, specific and concordant indications that Insan Bank was taken over by Mr BELOKON in order to develop, in a State where his privileged relations with the holder of economic power guaranteed him the absence of any true monitoring of his activities, money laundering practices which could not have flourished in the less favourable environment of Latvia.

"Whereas the acknowledgement or execution of the judgment handed down, which would have had the effect of enabling Mr BELOKON to benefit from the product of criminal activities, is clearly, effectively and specifically contrary to international public order, it is therefore appropriate to pronounce the requested annulment.”

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