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28 September 2017

Blackpool Football Club has received confirmation from The EFL that ex-director Valeri Belokon has been subject to a disqualification order under its Owners’ and Directors’ test.

The disqualification comes about as a result of the criminal conviction and 20-year jail sentence given to Valeri Belokon for money laundering, tax evasion and dishonesty.

As the rules of disqualification apply to shadow directors, the Board of the Club has taken the decision to suspend Valeri Belokon’s representative and employee, Kaspars Varpins, from the Board of BFC with immediate effect.

Throughout the tenure of Kaspars Varpins on the BFC Board, he has been unable to make decisions or act without Valeri Belokon’s prior consent.

The Club requested Valeri Belokon to provide copies of the correspondence that took place between himself, his legal advisors and The EFL or FA prior to his resignation. This correspondence was not produced.

Valeri Belokon, at the time of his resignation, indicated that the decision was not linked to the criminal conviction. He also proposed to replace himself on the Board with Normunds Malnacs, who as Valeri Belokon’s previous representative on the BFC Board had been removed on two occasions, by Valeri Belokon, without recourse to or discussion with board colleagues.

The proposed re-appointment of Normunds Malnacs as a new member of the Board would also have fallen under the shadow director/relevant person rules. Therefore, neither Kaspars Varpins or Normunds Malnacs, or any individual linked to or influenced by Valeri Belokon, are eligible to be Board members.

The Club’s Board will discuss the composition, and likely strengthening of the Board, at the next scheduled Board meeting. It is likely that at least two new Board members will be invited to join the Board of BFC.

The Club’s Board is committed to continuing the recovery of the Club’s fortunes on the pitch and will not allow any distractions to adversely influence the fantastic work of the manager, coaching staff and players.

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