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In The Dressing Room... With Donervon Daniels

Defender Tackles The Team-Mate Questions

21 November 2018

Donervon Daniels has settled very well in to what is a new Blackpool dressing room this season.

The defender, who previously played for the club in 2014, has made 10 appearances since returning to Bloomfield Road and helped the team push up the league table. 

Here he tells us a bit more about his team-mates in the Blackpool dressing room: 

Best Trainer:

Jay is obviously consistent, Turts is up there and I’d place myself up there. Mark Howard is also up there, but nobody really names a goalkeeper because they’re just in between the sticks. I’m going to go with Ollie Turton.  

Most Skilful:

Marc Bola thinks he’s the most skilful, and he does pull out a few tricks. Macca (Ryan McLaughlin) has got a few tricks and Mark Howard is good with his feet. My pick is Brabs though because he’s sent a few players for packed lunches in the boxes.  

Most Intelligent:

This is a good question. I’d say there’s a lot of intelligent players in the dressing room who show their intelligence in different ways. I would put myself forward – I believe in self education and read a broad spectrum of books – and Mark Howard.

Liam Feeney has come out of the blue though after I went round to his house and we had a coffee and spoke about current and future investments. I’m saying Feens and myself. 

Mr Versatile:

Ollie Turton is very versatile because he can play right-back, left-back and centre midfield. I’d also put myself in there because I’ve played right-back, centre-back, centre-mid and wing-back. I’m going with Harry Pritchard, though.  

Needs A New Wardrobe:

Everybody tends to turn up in their Blackpool gear. Mark Cullen looks like he wears his pyjamas, but he redeemed himself on a Bongo Bingo night. Marc Bola is my pick though because he doesn’t wear anything outside of his Blackpool kit. He refused to come on the Bongo Bingo night when he had the opportunity to show everybody what he was made of. I think that was out of fear that he couldn’t produce.  


I’d say myself, or maybe Armand. I don’t need to get angry to be strong, though.

Worst Banter:

There’s a few. Tayls has atrocious banter, but he thinks he’s really funny. Sometimes he can be. Mark Howard is exactly the same. Joe Bunney’s banter is suspect, so I’m saying Joe Bunney.

First On The Dance Floor:

Every morning Joe Dodoo comes to my car, opens my door and will only come in if I play certain tunes. If I change the song and he likes it, he’ll come in my car and dance in the passenger seat. Michael Nottingham can move for a big lad, but I’m saying Nathan Delfouneso. He knows the reason why.  

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