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In The Dressing Room... With Mark Cullen

Striker Reveals More About His Team-Mates

12 September 2018

Striker Mark Cullen answers questions about his team-mates, revealing more about the personalities and abilities in the Blackpool dressing room.

Best Trainer: Jay Spearing because he trains the way he plays.

Most Skilful: I saw Ollie Turton do a great round the world the other day! He did it about three times in a row and then couldn’t do it anymore. Just for that, I’ll say Ollie Turton.

Funniest: Me. Next question.

Worst Dress Sense: Me again. I don’t really pay any attention to fashion, I wear what’s comfortable.

Most Vocal: It would have to be the two in the middle of the park, Jay Spearing and Jimmy Ryan.

Celebrity Look-Alike: John O’Sullivan looks like John Motson. The lads will understand that one.

Loves A Name Drop: I’m going for Delf. He’s doesn’t really drop names, he just knows absolutely everyone from everywhere.

Most Likely To Go On The X-Factor: Max Clayton. He’s always singing The Greatest Showman.

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