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Season Ticket Policy Revised For 5-11s

Board Listens To Supporter Feedback

26 April 2019

We have noted the comments made regarding the Club's season tickets for 2019/20. Season ticket pricing is a critical part of the balancing of a Club's books, it is a complicated process, and will never satisfy everybody.

However, it was never our intention to force family groups to split up, and we do recognise that it should be left to parents to determine in which part of the Stadium they wish to sit with their children.

Accordingly, we are making the following adjustment:-

Retrospective to Wednesday, season tickets for fans aged 11 and under will be priced as follows:

Whole Stadium (excluding Blocks L, M and N): 

  • Under 5s are free;
  • 5-11s are priced at £75 per season ticket

Blocks L and N (maintaining the £50 price premium across all seating categories, as this is a premium seating area): 

  • Under 5s are priced at £50 per season ticket;
  • 5-11s are priced at £125 per season ticket

Block M is currently not being offered for sale.

We would though ask all families to give consideration to the possibility of moving to the Family Stand. It will be the only area designed with children and families in mind, and without critical mass it will not operate with the energy and vitality we, or the Fans' Forum on 27 March, were intending.

Michael Bolingbroke / Ben Hatton

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