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In The Dressing Room... With Joe Dodoo

On-Loan Rangers Man Answers Team-Mate Questions

18 February 2019

On-loan Rangers man Joe Dodoo has scored six goals since joining Blackpool in the summer.

Recently back from injury, here he tells us about his current team-mates and their personalities.

Best Trainer: Ben Heneghan is up there for training hard. He’s always putting in the tackles and keeping you on your toes.

Best Mate In The Dressing Room: Probably Notts.

Fastest: I think I’d have to say myself. My closest rivals would probably be Marc Bola, Delf and Feens.   

Toughest Opponent In Training: Donervon is up there and Ben as well. Usually they are paired together.  

Most Competitive: Jay Spearing.

Most Skilful: Bola has got some skills. We don’t need to give him the title though.

Funniest: Tayls is funny. Some of the things he comes up with are hilarious.

Likely To Stay Out For Extra Training: I would have said John O’Sullivan, but he’s now gone out on loan. It would be me and him that would stay out and do extra training.  

Best Singer: Jordan Thompson. Banter.  

Worst Dressed: There’s a few candidates for that one. I’ve seen Nick Anderton in some questionable gear.    

Worst Banter: Tilty.  

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